Project ROC Game Jam 2019 Winners Announced

FIRST PLACE - Action Arena

This mini action RPG feels like an arcade beat-em-up with a dash of roguelike mechanics. We were really impressed by game feel and polish of this contest entry—and just how badass the boss fight is. With multiple heroes to choose from and randomized progression options between waves, this game has a solid base for replayability to boot.

SECOND PLACE - Pursuit of Glory

PoG is an turn-based RPG with active time battle system reminiscent of old school JRPG's. We had a lot of fun with this game trying out different builds and strategies in this unforgiving deathmarch of an RPG.


There's one rule and it's the name of the game. You have a guy and you dodge monsters. Despite the simple premise this game is deceptively addictive once the difficulty ramps up. The clever combinations of monster designs had us shouting expletives more than any other contest entry (looking at you wave 23).


Army Wars is a tactical mini RTS where you command squads of troops to battle over bases and resources against an AI commander. With a variety of upgrades and some explosive visuals, we had a lot of fun experimenting with different troop types and strategies.

FIFTH PLACE - Quattro Formaggi TD

In this unique tower defense, you have to micro the rotation of your towers to face an oncoming onslaught of enemies from all sides. This game keeps you on your toes by testing the limits of your multitasking prowess between turning your towers and making tactical upgrade decision on the fly.


We felt this moody action RPG demo stood out with its immersive environment and cohesive visuals. This game feels like the start of a dark and challenging adventure; not one of the judges could beat the boss.